Church and cultural stage

from Schoenberg hill to Annaberg hill

This tour features two very special mountain ridges in Grafenwoehr: Schoenberg hill and Annaberg hill. Located in an old sand- stone quarry, Schoenberg with its natural stage offers an amazing backdrop for concerts, theater performances and movie screenings in the summer.

The second mountain ridge, Annaberg hill, is connected to Schoenberg hill by a short hiking trail. It takes you through a beautiful natural landscape with a view of the training area. Before reaching Annaberg hill, you pass by Gallows hill where executions took place in the past. For more than 250 years, “Maria Hilf” pilgrimage church has presided over Annaberg hill. You can’t miss it when you reach the top. At the bottom of the hill, you will find the picturesque Lourdes grotto and old sandstone cellars which were not only used by local residents to store food but also offered them protection during the World War II air raids. Today, they are a habitat for bats.

map with trail Annaberg to Schoenberg