Coastal town and beach beauty

Nature and geology in Grafenwoehr

Grafenwoehr does not only have a changeful history, it also has a lot to offer with regard to nature and geology.

We recommend a discovery tour to special places in Grafenwoehr with beautiful nature and spectacular views.

map with trail of nature and geology trail

1 Fish pass city mill

Thumbach creek, coming out of the training area, has been dammed to form the city pond since the Middle Ages. For centuries, the city mill is using the water gradient to power the water wheel. Today instead of the water wheel there is a fish pass.

2 Felsleite quarry

Sand stone was excavated here for repairs and foundations until after World War II. A Geopark plaque informs about the quarry and the city’s former location as a coastal town on the Panthalassa.

3 Path of life – Station Schützenheim (marksmen club house)

Bike trail about the evolution of life of the GEOPARK Bavaria-Bohemia in the Four City Triangle. Starting point Grafenwoehr.

4 Fruit orchard

Orchard with fruit trees, deadwood and loose boulders – an ecological niche for flora and fauna.

5 Birka

Mountain range with lookout and a vie of the Rauhe Kulm mountain or old town. Site of the St. John’s fire.

6 Hohlweg

Old sunken road, possibly part of a former trading route from Forchheim to Bohemia.

7 Weinbuehl quarry

Old quarry with information of the GEOPARK Bavaria-Bohemia about the so-called “Grafenwoehr Formation,” the type of sandstone typically found in Grafenwoehr.

8 Path of life – Station intersection Eschenbach

Geopark bike trail with info plaque about the evolution of earth.

9 Natural stage Schoenberg

The old quarry was already turned into a natural stage in the 1930s. Fests, theater performances and concerts are still held there today.

10 Rock cellars at Annaberg hill

Since the Middle Ages, Grafenwoehr residents stored their food and their beer of the communal brewery in the rock cellars. During World War II, they were used as air raid shelters during the bombardments.
Today, bats enjoy living there.

11 Thumbach meadows

View of the Thumbach meadows. Thumbach creek, coming out of the training area, flows into Creußen river behind the old town.

12 „Original inhabitant“ sea pink

In the entire region, there are no sea pinks outside of Grafenwoehr. The „beach beauty” loves the meager sandy soil. An info plaque of the Northern Upper Palatinate Forest Nature Park at the Raiffeisen bank provides more information.

13 Nature trail Bierlohe

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14 Creußen meadows

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Geological tours can be booked at the Geopark Bavaria-Bohemia at 09602-939-8166.

Information about nature and the sea pink in Grafenwoehr are available at the Northern Upper Palatinate Forest Nature Park at 09602-793141.