Footprints walk

Traces of life

Where or with whom do I leave a mark? Has anyone left his mark on me? The 7th grade of the class of 2013/14 dealt with these philosophical questions and produced works of art during a workshop with artists. The final result was the Footprints walk that invites you to think about life’s fundamental questions.

A project by Grafenwoehr Middle School, led by Katharina Scherl in cooperation with the artists Claudia Schwarz, Alfred Tragl and Christoph Schinner.

map with trail of footprints walk

1 ONE-Globe

The world portrayed as a filigree and sensitive organism. Cubes represent happiness and games, fate, carelessness, stability and insecurity – the building blocks of life!
We are all connected, cross-linked, dependent on each other, called upon to keep everything in balance! How do we present ourselves? What relationships do we have with one another? Do we show solidarity?

2 Pursuing goals

Courage and trust in ourselves allow us to walk through life uprightly. If we do that, we are able to climb the highest mountains.

3 Foot pair “YOU” and “I”

The YOU mark

This foot puts forward the YOU. It symbolizes the respectful interaction with man and nature as well as the awareness that each step has consequences! Embedded in love and a feeling of security, at peace with oneself, feeling healthy, enjoying life.

The I mark

Self-protection! Being at someone else’s mercy and a victim of circumstances! Chaos defines your everyday life. Symbolizes fear, ruthlessness, loneliness and aggression. Induces a feeling of instability and being on the search for oneself. Symbolizes EGO – I SHALL!


Invites you to feel, relax, rest, take a break. Be in harmony with the here and now! As yourself: When was the last time you walked around barefoot?
Try it out – get a feeling for MOTHER EARTH!
The NATURE foot symbolizes a sensible approach to nature: Lying down, embedded in nature, inconspicuous, preserving natural resources.

5 „Waste memorial“

Colorful, loud and poisonous – packaged waste! This trace that mankind collectively leaves behind can’t be eradicated – it is our ecological footprint! It symbolizes our exorbitant consumption and our throwaway society. Waste is the result of man being manipulated by industry and advertising! Notably standing upright, the waste memorial is a reminder of man’s ruthless behavior towards nature.

6 Art = Impressive!

Art leaves marks – it connects, touches and heals. Art is an expression of your innermost feelings, through words, music, dance and much more …
The interaction of senses gives you wings.

7 Springy steps

The springy feet symbolize that you can digress without losing track and return to the original path you took. Don’t allow others to pressure you to follow a certain path.

8 Human rights are treated with disdain

The situation of the refugees is hopeless. The cage symbolizes a jail without any possibilities for personal development. A lock without a keyhole symbolizes flight – escaped from war and stranded in an alleged safe neighboring country. Am I welcome here? Am I provided with dignified living conditions? The continuation of the flight can be compared to shackles that allow you to only take little steps at a time. Surviving means to give up some rights. The glass is blood-red like the human rights violations. The iron of the cage is rusty. The only hope that remains is that one day, the cage will have completely corroded.

A Middle School project describing the refugee situation in 2015.

The Footprints walk is a common project of Grafenwoehr Middle School and the city of Grafenwoehr.