Historic city tour

from a country town to an international small city

In 1361, the city of Grafenwoehr seems to appear from nowhere in official documents. Strangely enough, being granted the privileges of a town is the first time it is mentioned in an official document.

The relaxing city tour through the old town and up on Annaberg hill takes you to Grafenwoehr’s sights and most beautiful places and presents centuries of the history of the city.

map with trail of historic tour

1 Town hall

Late Gothic, three stories;
Bell tower, pillory, crest of city and county, plaque with construction year 1462, second eldest town hall in the Oberpfalz region.

1 a Fountain at the town hall

Pictorial for the city which has raised like an island out of the water. Artist: Helmut Langhammer, Pressath.

1 b Saint Mary’s Column

In front of the town hall, built 1922, war memorial.

2 Hotel „Zur Post“

Former post office from 1830 – 1890.

3 Old vicarage

Built 1529, vicarage until 1828, 1932-1956 cultural museum.

4 Upper Gate

Burnt down 1880, only access to old town in addition to the Lower Gate.

5 Sudhaus fountain

Donated by the class of 1932/33. Real brewing copper from the former Loewen brewery.

6 Former Loewen brewery

Former brewery at the bottom of Annaberg hill. Memorial stone commemorating the demolition in 1994 at the rise near stations of the cross.

7 “Mariä Hilf” pilgrimage church

Built 1753-1770, baroque, interesting ceiling fresco, only open on special occasions. Stations of the Cross and pieta with corpus of Christ.

8 Lourdes grotto

Donated 1894 by beneficiary Röger. Statues of Mary and Bernadette of Lourdes.

9 Burgstall (motte)

Invisible remnants of old castle walls of the Leuchtenberg dynasty below ground. Decay obviously just a few years after the foundation of the town.

10 Rock cellars

Surrounding Annaberg hill. Used to store food and beer; air raid shelters in 1945.

11 Culture and Military Museum

Located in the Kastenhaus (built 1532), history of the training area, Elvis Presley, uniforms, town history.

12 Lower Gate

Built 1608, blown up in 1945 by the advancing American troops.
Commemorative plaque at the city mill as well as marks in the pavement.

13 Church „Mariä Himmelfahrt“ (St. Mary’s Assumption)

Built in the late 14th century, late gothic, later baroquized, baptistery from 1425 near the entrance, side altar with St. Sebastian (local vow holiday on Jan. 20)

14 Communal brewery

Zoigl beer tradition; citizens brew beer in a communal brewery for centuries.

15 Passion column (“Plague Column”)

Built 1496, formerly located at the bottom of Annaberg hill across from the Loewen brewery, moved to the market square in 1982; depiction of the passion of the Christ in four scenes. Locally known as „Plague Column” because it is believed to have been built because of a plague.

16 City wall near Creußen gate

Remnants of the former town fortification from the 14th century; formerly inner and outer city wall ring with round bastions; additional remnants of the city wall can be seen near the communal brewery and in the museum.

BOOKABLE: During a tour you learn more about the individual stations and historic
Duration: 1.5 hours
Group size: Upon to 30 persons
Price: 45 Euro