Military and international flair

the training area and the city of Grafenwoehr

Grafenwoehr and the training area are often mentioned in the same breath.

The tour does not only provide insight into life with the Americans, it also explains the impact of the training area on the city since its opening in 1910.

map with trail of international flair

1 Market Square

1361 city foundation, town hall built in 1462, thirty years prior to Columbus discovering America, quiet farmers’ town until to the construction of the training area 1907.

2 Lower Gate

Built 1608, 1945 blown up by the American troops.

3 Grafenwoerth Square

Dedicated to the partner city of Grafenwoerth in Lower Austria (city partnership since 1995);
partnership with the U.S. Army garrison Bavaria since 2011.

4 Former Forest House

Built 1860, residene of the forester until 1988. Today, residential and office building.

5 Kennedy Square

Dedicated in 1963 to commemorate the American president.

6 Micky Bar

Legendary former night club of the 1960ies economic boom in Germany;
sensational performance by Elvis Presley (grand piano on display at the museum);
now a church.

7 Alte Amberger Straße

Street with bars and night life

8 a former photo studio Spahn

At gate 1, official military photographer starting in 1910, large amount of photos of the construction of the training area.

8 b Gate 1

Former main gate of the training area, popular post card motif in the second half of the 20th century.

8 c Water Tower and Forest House

Located in the training area and not open for the public. Water Tower built in 1911 in the Franconian half-timbered style; Grafenwoehr landmark.

Forest House built in 1910 in the style of an Upper Bavarian farm house. Residence of the U.S. Army commander since 1945.

8 d St. Michael`s Church

Protestant church built in 1923, timber construction, St. Michael – patron saint of soldiers.

9 „Holy Trinity Church” – Church of Peace

catholic, dedicated in 1963, hall church, main altar with depiction of the idea of sacrifice.

10 School

Old building on Kolpingstraße built in 1936, new building on Schulstraße built in 1956, several extensions and renovations.

11 City auditorium (Stadthalle)

Built in 1980, cultural center of Grafenwoehr for all kinds of events;
multi-generation house on the first floor.

12 Cemetery Church St. Ursula

Built in 1595 with stones from the old Ursula church; oldest cultural object in Grafenwoehr: Plaque with head of Christ from 1410/20 located above the construction inscription at the entrance.

BOOKABLE: During a guided tour in english you learn more about the individual stations and historic Grafenwoehr.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Group size: Up to 30 persons
Price: 45 Euro