Quiz walk

What do you know about Grafenwoehr?

Here’s how it works:
Find the correct answer, find the right letter and bring the letters into the right order. Send the answer to the city of Grafenwoehr (poststelle@grafenwoehr.bayern.de) and win!

Good luck!

map with trail of the quiz walk

1 Which crests can be found on the town hall?

a) Grafenwoehr and Neustadt/WN county
b) Regional office Eschenbach and Grafenwoehr
c) Grafenwoehr and Counts of Leuchtenberg        (7th letter)

2 St. Mary’s Square

Which craftsman used to live in house no. 2?
a) Tailor b) Butcher c) Baker                       (5th letter)

3 Which vessel is the fountain made of?

a) Brewing copper b) Feeding trough c) Bathing basin (2nd letter)

4 Lourdes grotto

Which plea decorates the Lourdes grotto?
a) Oh Mary help b) Ave Maria c) Pray for us      (1st letter)

5 Annaberg Church

The window above the entrance is a
a) Circle b) Square c) Triangle? (6th letter)

6 Pflegamtsgasse

What is the house name of the residents of house no. 11?
a) Hacker b) Böimweber c) Wongerdama (1st letter)

7 What is located in the historic Kastenhaus?

a) Museum b) Restaurant c) Store (4th letter)

8 Stadtweiher bridge

The statue next to the bridge depicts Saint
a) Sebastian b) Nepomuk c) Michael (4th letter)

9 Old Church

The oldest item, dating back to 1425, is located directly at the entrance. It is a
a) Baptistery b) Confessional c) Kneeler (4th letter)

10 Türlgasse

Which historic construction is located at the Creußen gate?
a) City wall b) Old vicarage c) Plague column (3rd letter)

You have found all the right answers? Then let us know your answer. Please send us an e-mail with the correct answer and “Quiz walk” in the subject line and your adress and phone number to poststelle@grafenwoehr.bayern.de.

All correct answers will be collected and a winner will be drawn at the end of the year and contacted. The price is a dinner voucher for a Grafenwoehr restaurant.


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