The world as a guest in Grafenwoehr!

The Upper Palatinate Cultural Association and the town of Grafenwöhr invite you to the Better in Bavaria Week (also called Bavarian Nordgau Day) from June 20 to 23, 2024.

Look forward to four days full of culture, encounters and impressions. Four days of concerts, exhibitions, lectures and celebrations. Four days in which Grafenwoehr, its citizens and its associations present themselves.

The highlights include a town festival and a large traditionale parade.
You can find out more about the program below. Further information and details will be added by the beginning of June. Unless otherwise specified, all events are free.

Program for the 44th Nordgautag in Grafenwoehr


Thursday June 20, 2024

= event can be enjoyed without any German skills

3:00 – 7:00 pm – Kolpingstaße 1

Children, young people and interested adults can get to know what the Klingende Töne music association has to offer during open lessons. Tatjana Walter introduces keyboard, piano, singing, flute and recorder, while Christine Ott offers classical guitar and electric guitar lessons.

5:30 pm – Lobby of the city auditorium

Handover of the Nordgau plastic to the town of Grafenwoehr

Musical accompaniment: Hahnbacher Marktbläser

7:30 pm Zoiglstube Adler

Dieter Radl, culture prize winner of the town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg, has made it his mission to preserve the Upper Palatinate dialect. He tells funny, original stories from his childhood and youth and conveys dense images in his descriptions of nature, home and customs. The result is a varied evening of entertainment in dialect.

Musical accompaniment: D’Saitenmusik from the Vierstädtedreieck music school.

In German only.

8:00 pm – City auditorium

Probably no one embodies the motto „Home away from Home“ as well as the musicians of the United States Army Europe and Africa Band & Chorus. They are the musical ambassadors of the US Army in Europe and delight visitors to Grafenwoehr every year at the Christmas concert. A combo that presents a wide range of well-known pop and rock hits with great show interludes and a twinkle in the eye is coming to the Better in Bavaria week. All band members are part of the US armed forces and most of them were previously professional musicians. The singers are selected from all interested soldiers at auditions and receive intensive vocal training.

Admission from 7:30 pm

Friday June 21, 2024

2:00 – 6:00 pm –  Multi-generation house in the city auditorium

Learning Campus, the sponsor of the multi-generation house, is organizing an afternoon of archery, a visit from our donkeys and experiments on the topic of „Team Mobile, Go!“. It will be a day full of discoveries, encounters and exciting activities for children and young people. At the same time, the multi-generation house invites you to take a look behind the scenes. Tours will provide information about educational programs, creative workshops and community events. Experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide insights into the programs that the multi-generation house offers its members. Coffee and cake will also be on offer.

4:00 – 8:00 pm – Kolpingstraße 1

From 4 to 5:30pm, children and parents can familiarize themselves with early musical education with music teacher Lilia Gette. From 6 pm, the Styrian harmonica will be introduced by Ms. Gette.

5:00 – 8:00 pm – Im Markwinkel 1, Hubertus Grafenwoehr

Young people aged 12 and over are invited to discover the world of shooting sports. Under expert guidance, they have the opportunity to gain their first experience with the air rifle and air pistol. Accompaniment of a parent or written confirmation from both parents required. Form at

5:00 pm – City auditorium

Five dance groups with 140 enthusiastic dancers present a colorful mix of different show dances. The program is rounded off with a short dance journey through the seasons.

admission from 4:30 pm

6:00 pm – Library

Thomas Bäumler reads from his latest Upper Palatinate thriller: Strange things are happening in the northern Upper Palatinate. Two amateur archaeologists disappear in broad daylight, the ghost of a Venetian appears and Gerti Zimmermann undertakes a shamanic journey in which she experiences things that shouldn’t actually exist. An enjoyable evening of crime thrillers based around Gerti Zimmermann’s exciting new case, hosted by cultural journalist Stefan Voit.

In German only.

6:00 pm – Market square

The tour starts at the town hall and its fountain, which is symbolic of the town that has risen out of the water like an island. With historical data and entertaining episodes, the city guides take you from the historic old town up to the Annaberg. The Catholic theater group will be part of the tour. Historical details of the town are presented by the actors in a wonderfully entertaining way. Participation fee: €5. Registration on site.

In German only.

7:30 pm – City auditorium

With the choirs Polyphonia from Kirchenthumbach and St. Georg from Pressath – admission from 7 pm

Polyphonia is a group of around 25 young men and women from Kirchenthumbach and the surrounding area who decided to form a choir around three years ago, motivated and inspired by their choirmaster Anna Gräb. These young people have set themselves the goal of inspiring enthusiasm for choral music, making music at the highest possible level, conveying values and emotions and – last but not least – counteracting the negative development of the local choral scene. Their repertoire ranges from classical to modern to pop songs. In this concert, they want to show that they can also sing Renaissance and folk songs.

The St. Georg Pressath choir community was founded in January 1992 on the initiative of its choirmaster Richard Waldmann and a number of enthusiastic singers from Pressath and the surrounding area. Their choral work focuses on sacred music through the centuries, from a capella to larger oratorical works. They maintain international contacts, especially with the Latvian choral scene, and have been honored several times by the district of Upper Palatinate and the district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab for their cultural commitment. In this concert, the choir shows its „second face“ with excursions into light music, with one or two animals also having their say.

Translated with (free version)

7:00 pm – 12:00 am – Culture and Military Museum

Presented by the local history association (Heimatverein Grafenwöhr)

On this evening, the museum is bathed in colorful light. Activities such as music, readings, lectures, guided tours, a taps serenade, art and culinary delights await visitors in all the museum rooms and in the inner courtyard. A one-act play by the Catholic theater group will provide the best entertainment and cultural journalist Stefan Voit will read Elvis texts by Kevin Coyne and show Elvis prints. There will be short guided tours through the permanent exhibition of the military department, a picture presentation „Military training area today – yesterday“ with Gerald Morgenstern, as well as a photo exhibition „Grafenwöhr restaurants – memories“ and a photo exhibition by the Eschenbach-Grafenwöhr photo friends. In a reading by the Grafenwöhr G’schichterler, the museum team recalls the beginnings of the German-American friendship „Upper Palatinate meets America – how it all began“. The lace makers of the local history association and the woodcarving community show off their handicraft skills.

10:00 pm – City park

The Grafenwoehr/ Pressath/ Erbendorf fire department marching bands jointly present the project „Ein Zapfenstreich!“. In the past, the „Zapfenstreich“ was used to announce the beginning of the night’s rest. After a short introduction to the history in German/English, the project marching band will present the Zapfenstreich with a serenade in the town park. This 3-city marching band will also be represented in the big parade on Sunday.

Saturday June 22, 2024

7:00 – 11:00 am – Schönberg

The Störnsteiner Tanzlmusi plays for the morning dance. Start the weekend with polka, country dances, rustic dances and figure dances. The line dance club „Flying Boots“ enriches the program with a rousing performance. Drinks and sausages will be served by the scouts. Self-catering is also possible.

9:00 am – Laurentiuskirche Hütten

Ecumenical morning service with Pastor Daniel Fenk and Pastor Hans-Peter Pauckstadt Künkler and musical accompaniment by the Vierstädtedreieck music school. This will be followed by a short talk by Wolfgang Baur on the history of the Laurentiuskirche as a simultaneous church. Afterwards, the Baur family invites you to a get-together in front of the church with delicacies from Rhineland-Palatinate.

A free shuttle to the event will leave Grafenwöhr at 8:40 am from Neue Amberger Straße near the playground in the town park to Hütten for the event and will take visitors back to Grafenwöhr afterwards.

11:00 am – Inner courtyard of the Culture and Military Museum

Come and sing with us! Discover the joy of singing together at an open choir rehearsal in the courtyard of the Kastenhaus with the members of the Sin falta youth choir.

11:00 am – Culture and Military Museum

Gerald Morgenstern:

„Grafenwoehr military training area – yesterday and today“

Carolin Kirchner-Bossenmaier:

„Wolf, white-tailed eagle and co – a report on the wealth of nature on the Grafenwoehr military training area“

Col. Kevin Poole:

„German-American friendship in the Upper Palatinate“

Moderation: Dr. Martin Dallmeier

1:00 pm – 1:00 am – Market square and city park

Festivities with a continuous stage program on the market square and in the town park. Catering by Grafenwöhr clubs and pubs. In the afternoon, a colorful entertainment program with various activities awaits children in the town park. The Vierstädtedreieck music school organizes the afternoon on the stage on the market square with performances by various ensembles. There will be the opportunity to join in or try out instruments throughout the event. Information stands will provide information about local history and regional cultural and tourist attractions.


Marketplace schedule

1 pm: Wind orchestra and junior wind orchestra

2 pm: Piano

2:30 pm: Percussion hands-on activity

3 pm: String ensemble

3:30 pm: Children’s choir

4 pm: Guitar ensemble

4.30 pm: Band

5 pm: Dixie ensemble

6:30 pm: Gospel choir Hope and Joy

8 pm: Dießfurter Schlossbläser (Brass Music)


Schedule Stadtpark

1 pm:  Klingende Töne music association

2:30 pm: Catholic Theater Group: „Der deutsch-american way to Freundship oder The American Dream“

3:30 pm: Official opening

4 pm: Choir Polyphonia

5 pm: Male choral society Grafenwoehr

6 pm: The Downlookers

8 pm: Catholic Theater Group: „Der deutsch-american way to Freundship oder The American Dream“

9 pm: Highline

The 45-minute trips run by the local heritage association (Heimatverein) offer a view of the military training area including the water tower, forester’s lodge, schools, parade field, town hall, fitness and shopping center and much more. Half-hourly departure between 1:30 to 4 pm. Registration on site at Neue Amberger Straße near the playground in the city park from 1 pm.

Participation fee: 5€

Please note:

– Please carry your ID with you, the ID number will be registered

– Strict photography ban in the military training area

– Small children also need their own seat

– Participation at your own risk.

4:15 pm – Martin-Luther-Str. 2

The Evangelical Lutheran congregation has existed in Grafenwöhr for more than 100 years, initially with a portable altar! Michael’s Church was consecrated in September 1923 – wood and used nails from the military training area were used as building materials. The striking exterior paint in Swedish red and a work of art („Luther Rose“) by Helmut Langhammer bring the exciting history to life.
Pastor Thomas Berthold will lead the tour.

4:00 – 5:30 pm – elementary and middle school lobby

Open rehearsal for the Veeh harp under the guidance of music teacher Stefanie Schenkl in the school auditorium.

3:00 pm – Kerschensteinerstraße 1

5:00 pm – Culture and Military Museum

Under the motto „Military and international flair – the town of Grafenwoehr and the military training area“, this contemporary history tour provides information about the transformation of the town in the 20th century since the opening of the camp. The town tour sheds light on living together with the Americans and the fascination of the military training area. Visitors can look forward to an entertaining tour with the town guides and the theater group, who will present humorous theater scenes, exciting facts and old photos of Grafenwöhr’s history.

Participation fee: €5, registration on site.

In German only.

5:00 pm – City auditorium

Presentation of the Nordgaupreis 2024 by the President of the Oberpfälzer Kulturbund e.V., Volker Liedtke, and the guests of honor Wolfgang Lippert, Manfred Knedlik and Georg Tassev.

Eckard Bodner for local history care

Laudatory speech: Wolfgang Lippert

Alfred Wolfsteiner for literature

Laudatory speech: Manfred Knedlik

Wolfgang Herzer for Fine Arts

Laudatory speech: Georg Tassev

6:00 pm – Library

In his reading, author Thomas Waldenmayer presents exciting legends from the district of Neustadt/Waldnaab. He will also provide background information on his book „Ein sagenhafter Landkreis“. He will also give an insight into his next book project, which promises a much higher creepy factor.

In German only.

Sunday June 23, 2024

10:00 am  – Market square

11:00 am – City park

With Vicar General Monsignor Dr. Roland Batz and Regional Bishop Oberkirchenrat Klaus Stiegler
Direction: Pastor Daniel Fenk and Pastor Thomas Berthold
Musical accompaniment by the Sin Falta and New Voices choirs

2:00 pm

Starting point: St. Michaelswerk | End point: Market square

Parade enters the training area through Gate 1

1:00 – 6:00 pm – Market square and city park


Artists from the Berufsverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Niederbayern Oberpfalz e.V. will be showing art objects and installations in public spaces at various locations in Grafenwoehr.

– Town pond
– Rear shop window „Ocumed“, Untere Torstraße
– Rear building Marienplatz 5

Involved are:
Pauline Adler
Katharina Dobner
Barbara Sophie Höcherl
Renato Rill
Tone Schmid

Impressions from the military training area

The Grafenwoehr Eschenbach Photographic Friends have put together a presentation of images of deserted landscapes with an immense wealth of species, ruins of former training area villages with abandoned cemeteries, the clash between the military and nature, atmospheric sunsets and impressions. The photos come from excursions and from the club members‘ collection as well as from the military training area book and other sources. The photos provide a wide view of the restricted area.

June 20 – July 20, during the opening hours of the museum

Cultural and Military Museum

June 20 – July 20, during the opening hours of the museum

Culture and Military Museum

The exhibition shows prints from the estate of the musician, artist and writer Kevin Coyne, who died in 2004 and who was intensively involved with Elvis Presley as a person. Fittingly, his pictures are embedded in the permanent exhibition about Elvis in the Culture and Military Museum. The exhibition will run beyond the Better in Bavaria week until July 20.

Possibility to visit the Heimatmobil

Saturday June 22nd from 1 pm


Special opening hours during the Nordgautag

June 20: 2:00 – 5:00 pm | June 21: 7:00 pm – 12:00 am

June 22: 1:00 – 6:00 pm | June 23: 4:00 – 7:00 pm

Special price: 3 € (children under 16 years free)

= event can be enjoyed without any German skills


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Town of Grafenwöhr, Marktplatz 1, 92655 Grafenwöhr



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