Nature trail Bierlohe

First Permanent IVV Hiking Trail – short route

First Permanent IVV Hiking Trail – short route 5 km

1 Creußen meadows

Grafenwoehr’s green belt with pasture landscape ranging from the Bahnhof settlement to Waldbad outdoor pool and all the way to DorfGmuend. In 1926, Creußen creek was regulated and straightened.

TIP: Rare flora

Attentive hikers will discover rare flora next to the permanent hiking trail. The broad-leaved marsh orchid and greater twayblade are both on the Red List of endangered plants.

The autumn crocus is also beautiful to look at and calls wet, nutrient-rich meadows its home.

Nature trail Bierlohe

Experience nature with all senses!
A relaxing walk for the entire family!

Stations: Animal Forest, willow cathedral, filter effect of soil, Amphitheater, Variety Forest, Forest of Insights, Tree of Life, The World below our Feet, Forest of Sounds and much more.

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